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Goals? We got them.

What are you looking to accomplish this month? Is it to pay the rent on time, or is it to make sure you go out with your best friend at least once this month? Either way, these goals help you see how much you can achieve in such little time and can overall boost your self-esteem.

Intro to Budgeting 101

We'll teach you the basics of how to start simple budgets. Starting small and keeping records is helpful for future savings. It may be painful to see how much you spent on coffee this month, but in the long run, it will pay off knowing where you can cut back!

We're not clingy, we'll give you space.

98% of planner users told us their biggest problem was lack of space, so we listened! At the end of each week, we have plenty of empty dotted paper to doodle, list, or pretend like you're taking notes. Now you can not only track how much money you're saving but how much water you're drinking too!

What People Say

I never realized just how much money I spend on small purchases until I had to write it all down. The budgeting page alone helped me save $100 a month!

Maggie Bent Silicon Valley, CA

How it Works

The Planner Team

As planner users and college students, we know what it's like trying to organize your life and trying to stay financially stable. Here's a bit about us. 

Chelsea Bretal

Chelsea is our fab Creative Director. Knowing all things trendy and design, we count on Chelsea to make sure everything looks fresh and cool.

Shannon Farrar

Shan is our director of Marketing and Media, making sure everything that hits social media is considered.

Renée Carraggi

Renée is our lead in design management and product design. With years of user testing, our girl makes sure you will all love the product. 

Shelby Wang

Wang is Director of Strategy, in charge of the business side of things and making sure that all parts are researched and prepped for you.

  To view a deep dive on the research behind the Penny Planner, click here!  

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